Wednesday, May 28

More or Less of Mister Black

Akkkkkk! I just did impressionism! I finished this painting late last night and I was embarrassed to step back & realize I just did some impressionistic stuff. This morning over artsy coffee conversation Harry informed me that the impressionists were also dealing with flatness vs realism. He also assured me there was nothing wrong with "doing impressionism". He also said my stuff has always reminded him of the Pattern and Decoration Movement which he always wished more artists had explored more thoroughly.

Now I realize that painting impressionistically actually interests me as much as painting patterns and I never really realized that Matisse was playing with the flatness and rebelling against representationalism, too. I just always liked his stuff. I guess I will be messing with those things the rest of my life in some way, just no telling exactly how. Anyway I like the evolution going on and don't ever expect to arrive at a stopping place.

I saw a video of an artist at work demonstrating how to do their style. It struck me as no more creative than a video demo of how to make pancakes. I'd like to see a video of an artist refusing to be locked into a style. That is something I'd like to know how to do. A video of how to evolve constantly. How to avoid falling into the traps of The Artistic Shoulds.

Well if you like it go buy it @ Etsy!

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