Thursday, May 29

Mister Black's Rumpus has Fans!

Good morning my dear friends! I have received some nice encouragement lately and it adds so much fun to what I thought was already an overflowing sandbox-ful of fun & paint play!
Apparently there are quite a few of you who are enjoying the never-ending painted adventures of Mister Black's Rumpus! Haha. I deduct that there must be a lot of cats who establish their presence by plunking their fat rumpuses down and changing the atmosphere of whatever painting they are appearing in.
Part of my statement in putting Mister Black into so many paintings is not only that I adore him and the way he positions his weightiest part, but that my house is very small and he follows me everywhere. So whatever I paint, he is there.
On a totally side note, an underlying statement I am making by having Mister B's rumpus in everything, is that, as you may have noticed, if someone has a litter box, it sort of makes its presence known as well. I am constantly trying to find a solution to this. My dear friend Karen has two fastidious Siamese cats. I sometimes take care of them when she goes out of town. And their litter box just does not smell. I asked her secret and she insists this is because Siamese are fastidious. Well I will let you in on a little non-secret, Mister Black is NOT fastidious! I have searched for all kinds of solutions and was tempted to buy a $300 toilet for cats! Haha no kidding. Check it out here:
But please be sure to come back.

Anyway how did I get into that? Oh yes, cat rumpus interrupting things. See how they do that? OK OK. I am worried about Mister Black's rumpus. When I don't put him there it isn't right, but when I do put him there he is so slick and black he is a total contradiction to the patterns that go on everywhere else. I have some thoughts about this but not sure how long they will justify allowing him to stay. One thot is that the flat un-patterned black is a nice break from all the busy flowering and growth going on. Well and that is the only thot really. And just that Mister B is not a typical still life object. So he adds a bit of rebellion, which always appeals to me.

But there is the danger of him being too much of a cute little story into which I fear to get stuck. Haha see how I just said that avoiding an incorrect dangling participle, but it sounds so stiff? That is why I am such a rebel. I just cannot stand stiffness.

I feel like I am spiraling like a cats tail on this and going nowhere but to take a nap. No wait, someplace else I was headed... Oh yes, FRIENDS! I have been conversing with a lovely lady who has bought a few of my paintings on Etsy! As I suspected she is an artist, too and we have had some productive dialog about art. She likes black cats, too and black chairs. I am doing a painting now with a Windsor chair and Mister Black. The Windsor chair has all those rungs to create negative space puzzles! She gave me the idea of a black Windsor chair and a black Mister Black which may happen in this painting or the next. It seems the chair is headed in the red or rose red direction for now. It is one of the objects in the painting that I have decided has to have its color dependent on what the other colors do. I ordered a bunch of new oil colors that hopefully will arrive today and one of them is called permanent rose. If it is what I think it is, it will be the chair color. Altho the way things are going now, the red underpainting is doing a very interesting job holding the chair's place.

I am always paranoid I am writing too much and the voice of this smart alec kid in art school echoes thru my head, "If you are talking about art, you aren't doing it!" I never said this, but I always retorted in thot, "Well, Mister, you are walking proof that if you don't dialog about art, you will probably end up doing boring art."

Here I make a snorting sound and go to paint for the day! Oh and here is a pic of the painting so far:

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