Thursday, May 15

Cats with Red Dots

Cats with Red Dots
6 x 8"
aqua oil on wood

I put a painting for sale on Ebay last night and I have been checking every hour since to see if I have any bids. I was not having fun painting this morning and I realized I gave myself a case of the sells. As in, focusing on hoping my art sells rather than focusing on doing what I enjoy. I told myself I would not allow myself to continue painting with the sells, or with the shoulds, or with the wonder-whats. The wonder-what is similar to the sells, except you are wondering what EVERYBODY might like and trying to paint for everyone but yourself!

So I "inhibited". That is an Alexander Technique word. It has very much to do with art and creativity. In fact I hear that the Alexander technique is at the very core of the Juilliard School program! It certainly has become the very core of my personal program. My Alexander teacher is Karen DeHart. I train with her once a week. This week's session not only did she help me release the tension in my neck from painting, [a whole month in GA without my Alex gave me a pain in the neck!] but she helped me connect with my inner motives in a way that is freeing my painting. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. Well so now you know I'm weird. Read on.

I realized that although I understand the concept of getting into your alpha zone and freeing your mind of the shoulds when you paint, I rarely am able to do it either in painting or in just life. I tend to look for a secure plan and try to fit myself into it. I want to know what is going to happen. I want to know what to expect, and get myself in control and ready for it. I want to make sure I am following the program. But in painting and in real life, you aren't really living unless you really don't know what is going to happen next and you are willing to let whatever happens, happen.

What am I talking about? Well my brother in law had sent me some photos of his cats after he saw the ones I had on my blog. Flattered that he took interest in my blog, I wanted to impress him by painting a picture of his cats. So I took a photo he sent me and began painting. But it wasn't fun. I was feeling bummed. Suddenly I realized why. My inspiration for painting was about something other than the painting. It wasn't about the shape of the cats, or some color I saw, or negative space. The cats are adorable and chocked full of personality, but an element I wanted to paint about was not there. Sorry, Rick... keep sending photos!!!

So back on track, I finished up a painting I began yesterday of my cats sitting on a patterned pillow looking out the window. I was happy again because I was doing what I like to do - putting together the puzzle pieces of two cats side by side, both of them mostly black, at one glance seeming like a silhouette against the bright light in the background, and sometimes catching a glint of light and taking on volume. When you stand farther away from this painting it looks kind of real, which is really strange to me because the cats are so flat.

I haven't talked about the dots yet because I am not sure what to say. So far I just like them and what they do when I put them there.

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