Thursday, August 28

Thank you, Annette

What interesting conversations today. A little train of email exchanges:

Annette wrote: OK, I am back on Dieb.......I was looking at the books I have and I started noticing that all his compositions or most of them are divided up horizontally into 3 or 4 areas primarily.......ask Harry about you think we each have a composition we keep working in various ways...?????

I answered: I definitely think many artists have repeating themes and elements in their art. Harry and deKooning both have this particular brushstroke they repeat over and over. It reminds me of someone with an accent. Or a remarkable nose.

Harry: I certainly do, probably only because my intent is contemplation and symmetry stops movement and invites quietness. It also formalizes the informal.

Annette: ahhhh.....that tickles my art if only I could figure out MY
composition, brushstroke, big nose, etc......I need to get all my work together and look.....another good reason for an art sale!!!

Later tonight Annette generously listened and reflected on the paintings I am working on. The BANG BANG BANG ones. She helped me look at the difference between the two very different styles. Helped me see the elements in each one that I might combine into one style. The painted print patterns or biomorphic patterns of naturally settling and drying water mixtures. Bright paintbox colors or earth tones and natural crumbled dirt. Silhouettes or not. One is too much in your face, the other is not enough information. Somehow I just never thought of this before like she helped me see it. What a great gift understanding is. Thank you, Annette.

Good night everybody.

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