Wednesday, August 6

Too Busy Selling Paintings to PAINT??!!!

How exciting! My next painting project will be Taste of Troy on September 20! Annette, Meggan and I are planning our "100 Paintings for less than $100" booth. A generous interior designer, Lori Klipstine, has agreed to let us use her store as our booth for the day. WIOW!! How cool is that?! Mark your calendars now! You don't want to miss this:

September 20 - Taste of Troy
100 $100 Paintings
@ Lori Middleton Interiors
9 am - 4 pm
East corner Troy Downtown Square
121 Public Square #10

See the actual street view at GoogleMaps. On Google it is listed as Lori Klipstine Interiors. Click on the underlined text that says "Street View." You have to wait a second for the street views to load, then you can rotate for a 360 view. Kind of amazing that our sweet little town is now so thoroughly Googlized. You can see details of houses, people walking, kind of weird, I guess, but I am less spooked than amazed at this sort of thing. I searched for my own addie and yep! there was my wee cottage and even my car parked in the street. I zoomed in but could not see the cats in the window even though they probably were there. But wait, I digress. Oh so what else is new?!

Go shopping @ Night Sky
or Etsy
or email!
PS. Last night Harry & Some friends & I went to Night Sky for coffee & see the paintings. One friend was saying he preferred realism to abstract and Harry asked him if he liked music. "Do you like only music with words?"
Answer,"Oh I like music with or without words."
Harry, "Consider that realistic paintings are like music with words, while abstract paintings are like music without words."
Suzy's addendum: Consider musical notes are to your ears, what shapes and colors are to your eyes.

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  1. I love that correlation, of the relationship between music and paintings (or art in general)