Tuesday, July 1

Making an Impression

Ferns & Lemon with Red Dots
12 x 12"
oil on canvas panel

Mister Black was so mad after that little revisit to Giverny, he didn't show up for painting time so I had to use a lemon instead. He was so mad when he finally did show up, all I could get was the edge of his buttox in the painting after this. But I think the lemon did quite well, don't you?

I carried over the nervous sort of brush strokes from the Giverny Yarrows but let the strokes go longer. Impressionism makes me plain nervous, no doubt about it. But I had to get it out of my system after all that talk about it. I am so IMPRESSIONABLE! I think I am not going to talk to ANYONE so I can paint myself. No that won't do. I like people too much. Akkkk well go... buy this one @ Etsy!

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