Saturday, July 19

Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow
8 x 8"

oil on canvas panel

I continue to paint loose, trying to stop before everything is clearly defined. Still I think you can figure out this is two canaries in a cage. Actually there is a story behind these two canaries.

They are from a box that over thirty years ago contained a bottle of Winsor Newton canary yellow pen ink.

This little box has moved with me from Texas to Ohio to Illinois to Georgia and back to Ohio again. I always knew they would somehow be in my art someplace. There was an old ratty hand made quilt that my grandmother gave me that I hauled around in the same box with the canary yellow box. That became a painting about 17 years ago. I guess it is finally the canary yellow box's turn.

I won't tell you what I am working on next, the idea might fly away.

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  1. Anonymous7/21/2008

    WOW. i love these canary paintings. and I somehow remember that color of yellow - am i thinking of your bedroom furniture?

  2. Yes, Genie, same yellow furniture color - does that mean I think I am a canary in a yellow cage? Sheesh!
    Ohmy I wonder what birds would happen if I painted YOUR furniture?????