Sunday, June 8

The Beginning of Another MisterBlack

Someone asked me about the beginning of my paintings. I don't always do them the same but I snapped a photo of the next one. Yes, I started it right after I Etsied & Blogged the last one. I had to get the orange taste out of my mouth. Sorry to you orange lovers out there - still love ya, just don't love orange.

So yeah, it starts with the star of the show Mister Black. No really before Mr. B., it starts with an undercoat of usually some rich warm dark red. Usually I take all the leftover paint, except for white, on my palette from the previous painting and mix it together to be the next painting's undercoat. That way I am always using fresh paint. Since I never use black pigment, the color is a rich complex mixture of vibrant colors that sometimes leak out or bleed out into the painting. Pretty cool when this happens but hard to control. Here you see I roughly sketched in the outline of objects with white. Mister Black is always the first one to get fully painted.

Wish me luck on this one!


PS. I forgot to add about the last painting that I got the idea of Mister Black indignantly looking at his own portrait from Lori. She bought the Mister Black with Red Pear painting. Her black cat, Monty, sits and stares at it. If she sends me a picture of Monty staring at Mr. B. I will post it!


  1. Hmmm, can the 'beginnings' of a painting be considered 'art'? Is that deconstructivism? I like the start of the painting too. It looks cool. What if you stop too early? Can that happen? Is it a depiction of the creative process, a moment in time? Does that make it art? Or what if I just like it?

  2. Still trying to get a good photo. Digital cameras, at least my old one, are not that good for taking animal photos. I end up with mostly blank shots! Ruby has taken to sitting next to it too (I like to prop paintings casually until I decide where to hang them. I guess I just like chaos?

  3. I am a painting propper, too! It is a great way to make sure each painting finds its most cozy spot. Ever wondered why most of the Mr. B's are lying down? Haha. When you DO get a shot of them withthe painting it would be way cool to see.
    Still enjoying your earlier comment here. I want to take some of the paintings in the direction of the start of this one. Totally diff colors and stuff.