Saturday, January 10

What's up with Magazine Street???

A satin bridal gown travels better than me, nevertheless I continue to find myself continuously traveling or just returned from traveling and recuperating. After the New Orleans trip I felt like fried cat po... oh nevermind... I had to rest up big time. Today I began sorting thru paperwork and stuff and yippee here are a couple of snaps from New Orleans...

Here is Hare at his new gallery the Soren Christensen @ 400 Julia Street in the Art Warehouse section.

And here is Hare on Magazine Street.

We are not sure the meaning of this but somehow it seems to be ominous in a positive way.

Before Harry came to OH for xmas he kept telling me about this intriguing movie called "Love Song for Bobby Long" with Scarlett Johansson & John Travolta. He also was reading the book from which the movie was made which had "Magazine Street" in the title. Something about the story had grabbed his fascination and wouldn't let go. So the mystery of Magazine Street, New Orleans, and Bobby Long was a frequent topic for our month of December together.

Then suddenly the last week of Dec we got the call & POOF we found ourselves driving a cargo van load of paintings to New Orleans! After we unloaded the van we took a wee walk to try to revive ourselves from the driving fog, walked a couple blocks, looked up and saw we were crossing Magazine Street.

We are not sure what this means but together with the little NPR story [I shared in previous blog post] we feel sparked. Of course none of this may mean anything but I will share one last thing.

Here is a photo of John Travolta in the movie [he is the gray headed guy in the red bathrobe]. Am I imagining it or does Hare look a tad like him? Haha. Oh well at least life is fun, eh?

Oh another thing... right after we returned Hare got an email from a dear old student Maria who was so bummed she missed seeing us in N. Orleans... She lives on Magazine Street!

That's it for now... need another nap!

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