Friday, January 30

Colors Snow Me

I always wanted to live where it snowed a lot and boy howdy, now I have my wish. I actually enjoy shoveling snow tho I have to do small areas at a time or my back gives out. This last snow was so bad I had to literally dig my car out to go to the store today.

If you live in snow, you know the problem that snow plows cause. When the city plows do your street they make it harder to get your car out. There has to be a solution for this. Any ideas?

Harry says he hates shoveling snow - it makes it seem like SURVIVAL. I love that. Makes me feel alive. I have to get out there and sweat under my woolies plowing snow so I can get to the store before I starve! Arrrrrr!

Hare wanted me to show some photos of the house in snow so he could see what a good time he is missing. He is in south Georgia where just standing still makes you sweat. And then there are the roaches... don't get me started.

Anyway, it was sunny today - aren't the colors amazing? The last photo is looking down the little snow path to the studio. Sometimes I get intim- idated walking that path. The colors are so gorgeous - why should I waste my time picking up a paint brush? God always outdoes me! HAha! OK so I just won't compete, how's that?

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