Friday, September 12

Boy Legs and Other Mik Pods

Mi's Story 1991
mixed media on wood

The emotion paintings seem to be a bit more than just a fleeting emotion. They seem to be snapshots of a potent emotion from the past. Like a dream that floats up to remind me of something I need to resolve in real life, something I forgot or was trying to forget.

This is definitely something I want to always remember. Our son Mischa telling us his dreams. He has always been an avid dreamer and the report on the dreams at breakfast quite epic. I used to suspect he was making them up. A little boy of three telling me this huge long tale - there was no way he could have dreamt all that and remembered it in such detail. But after living with him for 19 years, now maybe I am convinced he really did dream all that.

Anyway this painting feels to me like one of those boy dreams. A toy boat transforming into a real warship on a red sea. Steam and fury. ANd what are the two stationary red and orange objects? I am sure will Misch will explain.

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