Tuesday, September 16

another appetizer

Carnelian Lithostone with Stick
12 x 12 x 1.5"
mixed media on wood

You have to touch these. No I mean you have to. They are touchable. I have glazed each one of them with polyacrylic so they are protected. In some places the glaze is really thick and you just HAVE to touch it to see what happens. In other places it is smooth and velvety. Other places it is translucent like fired white porcelain. I used to work with white porcelain pottery and sculpture. it was hard to keep pure because just a spec of iron oxide in the air would turn into a nasty red splotch on the surface of the pottery. Dawns on me as ironic that one of the things I am using to color this porcelain-seeming paint is dry iron oxide pigment. Funny how life goes full circle and the things we used to fight become friends.

Also used some carnelian beads and a dried day lily stem. Also the reference to lithostone. I loved lithography in art school. Then I realized I loved the stone itself. So stone age. Reminded me of the stone Moses brought down from the mountain. Full of a very important message of some sort. Stirred awe in the people. I don't think this will stir awe but I wonder what it does stir in you? Share?
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