Monday, March 23

Mustering Gumption

Today feels like a personal beginning of spring for me. It is time to muster my gumption to get the wagon rolling for all our spring projects. So a bit of cyber housecleaning seems apropos.

This is romance for 2 artists: I go out to studio in the afternoon to let myself miss Harry a bit. This morning I dropped him off at the airport to fly back to Ga. As he was pulling his bags out of the van, he told me he left some paintings in the studio for me to finish up for him. Excuse me while I tread water in these emotions.

If you are sitting there scratching your head @ this, not to worry. Our life together has always been weird. Seems like we have lived apart as much as together for more than 30 years. And when we are apart sometimes we are more together than when we are together. Absence hasn't always made the heart grow fonder but it has always made the real rise above the worthless.

Harry & I did some joint paintings at a workshop in Statesboro, GA many years ago. Mostly he painted hearts and I Xed them out.

I was the subject of his masters thesis paintings in grad school. Funny we don't have even one of those paintings now.

Harry has always had a higher perception of visuals but I have always had a keener perception of color. Off & on at times we have tried to work these together. I am not sure if we are ready now.

So on another note I have selected a software program by Karelia called Sandvox for Mac which I am using to build new websites for all of us - Harry, Mikhail, Zane, & me. I am still in a connundrum about which web server to use. Needless to say I need something cheap and yet dependable. I've already tried & decided against: GoDaddy, Hover, MyDomain, but considering HostGator & Cornerhost. Any advice is much appreciated.

I am loving the Sandvox - looks like it will enable me to do a blog via my own web server so all of you who are tired of my comment button being askew, will enjoy the up&coming fresh new spring revamp.

Later taterz!

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