Tuesday, March 24

Help is just a Tweet Away!

Well, the new site has all its bones in place! I have a lot of meat to transfer over to the new website and then I'll open the doors & you guys can go punch my new comment buttons to your heart's content!

For now I just want to say thanx for all the great advice you guys have given me. Kudos to Karelia Company's affordable & FUN Sandvox website app & JS-Kit for being easier than instant jello!

What made this so fun was getting to talk to peeps that own & work at these companies while I was working on the site. What you want to talk to them, too? Oh OK, just hook up on Twitter:
@Karelia [Sandvox]
& of course Twitter's @ev & @jack

Now I'm going to Tweet @Zappos and see what shoes he suggests I buy for spring...

Tweet ya later taters!
PS. OH OK you can go poke around the web construction area, just don't trip on anything I left hanging out at the edges! http://suzanneally.com

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