Sunday, March 29

Movin' on UP!

Time to put the "Moved" sign up here now. I have consolidated my blog and website into one site at It is just the basic structure - I still have to add my bio & paintings - but the blog is fully operational complete with functioning comment buttons!

If you subscribed to my Google email updates thru this site, you do not need to subscribe at the new site; your subscription will still work there. However if you used a different site subscription service you will need to resubscribe on the new site.

On the new site there is a link back to this old site for all the loyal fans who reread my posts all the time. ;)

So hurry on over and make a post my my new blog. "Movin' on up... to the East side... we finally got a piece of the pieeeeeee!"

1 comment:

  1. Suz! Cooooooooooool!

    The HAG website owner told me to list my art on as many sites as possible to sell it.
    Have you every seen these?
    They are free: