Wednesday, February 18

Two Tweets & a FB in a rare tree.

I have been doing a lot of networking recently via Facebook and Twitter. I don't watch TV and rarely watch the news or read a newspaper because I believe most of it is someone[s] else[s]'[s] attempts to get me to do what they want me to do. The same does happen on Blogs & Twitter but it seems possible to weed out the ones with MLM type or propaganda type intentions. Anyway this is a side topic currently being discussed on Twitter. Check out - look for her tweets about the topic of "ReTweeting" also known as "RT"

I wanted to share someone else's blog entry for today. I found it on Twitter, thus I disclose my reason for above paragraph. Here is the link:
It is an article about Basquiat. It explains to me why I love his art so much. In case you don't know, this is a painting by Basquiat called "Notary". I will cut some quotes from the last paragraph of this blog...

".... colleagues who dismissed him as “not a proper artist”. By which they meant he wasn’t following in the modernist tradition of the almost complete removal of the artist’s personality from the artwork in the manner of say, Donald Judd or Richard Serra. But Basquiat understood the context in which he was operating. He was on a mission to breath life back into art: to save it from itself. Like the impressionists of the late 19th century, he wanted to paint expressively to counter the sterility and formal rigour of the existing art establishment."

I have read several blog posts from and follow them on Twitter. If you enjoy good reads about art I suggest you do too.

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